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Email us at: warmth@alaskafireplace.com
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Call us at 892-7131 should you want to come at a different time than listed above. We will be extending later in the season to Fall / Winter hours.

12 Tips to Make Sure Your Wood Stove is Ready for Safe Winter Heating

This year over 171 home fires have taken their toll on families in Alaska. Sometimes, home fires are due to improperly installed or serviced wood stoves. Here are a few important tips to make sure your family doesn't become a tragic statistic:

  1. Maintain all factory-specified clearances to combustible materials.
  2. Don't use gasoline, gasoline-type lantern fuel, kerosene, charcoal lighter fluid or similar liquids to start or "freshen up" a fire.
  3. Don't burn your stove with the stove door(s) open.
  4. Inspect the stove periodically for missing fire bricks.
  5. Inspect the chimney at the beginning of the season and every two months for creosote build-up.
  6. Don't start a chimney fire to clean the flue.
  7. Don't burn materials other than natural wood, and never burn wet or green wood as it causes excessive creosote that can lead to a chimney fire.
  8. Use a perimeter gate to keep small children away from hot surfaces.
  9. Don't burn a stove so hot the stove or chimney connector begins to glow.
  10. Don't remove hot ashes or store hot ashes in a garage or basement as they will generate carbon monoxide air and/or flammable gases.
  11. Don't cook on a stove not designed for that purpose.
  12. Make sure your stove is connected to an code-approved factory built chimney or a code-approved masonry chimney with a flue liner. Never vent a wood stove into a "Class B" gas vent chimney.
    Also, make sure you have properly installed smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, and test your alarms once a month to be sure they are working.





You asked for it, now we have it!!
The Katydid™ Wood Stove

One of the Cleanest Non-Catalytic Wood-Burning Stoves, Ever!

The Katydid™ will allow you to heat, cook, bake, generate electricity, heat water, and create light with wood stove accessories coming soon.

Kill your heating bill with a Katydid™
wood stove!

  • Approved for use in a home or mobile home in the United States and Canada
  • Slim 12-inch square profile
  • Approved for just 21 inches of side clearance without use of reflector panels
  • Heats bigger spaces, up to 2,000 square feet or more of well-insulated space
  • Semi-portable, weighs just 150 pounds
  • Perfect for emergency preparedness
  • Saves hundreds of $$$ in installation costs with a unique venting system
  • Easy installation for the Do-It-Yourself-er
  • Cook top surface for on-grid or off-grid cooking
  • Optional accessories will generate electricity, bake, and heat water
Proudly Made in America

Ultra efficient and clean

  • EPA-certified and CSA-certified at 1.9 grams/hour emissions
  • Exceeds the new EPA emissions standards for the year 2020
  • Exceeds the emission standards for Fairbanks, Alaska and Washington state
  • Burns up to 10 hours (coal bed to coal bed) on a single load, providing a good night’s sleep

Quality engineering

  • Made in America from domestically produced steel, black powder-coat finish
  • Designed for many years of trouble-free service
  • Five-year, non-prorated warranty

Heated Up! All about heating with wood

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Blaze king Wood stoves Alaska

Blaze King - Eco Friendly

By using renewable wood fuel in your clean burning Blaze King, you are reducing your output of fossil fuel emissions and reducing your impact on the environment. Our stoves merely release the amount of CO2 that a plant would absorb over its lifespan. Blaze King stoves are amongst the cleanest and most efficient available. Learn more about Blaze King Stoves...

Blaze King is the #1 & #2 Most Efficient wood burning stove in the WORLD as listed by the EPA. We hold these efficiencies during the total 20, 30 & 40 hour burn time and not just for a couple of minutes during the test cycle. Many manufactures report their top range of efficiency in their marketing but have only held that efficiency for a short moment and is not a true reflection of customer expectations.

Supreme Vision woodstoves

Supreme Fireplaces!

Supreme fireplaces are an upcoming fireplace line that has just come out with the WORLD'S ONLY 2 sided wood stove!!!!  Called "VISION" drop by our store and check them out.

Supreme fireplace VISION