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Chinook Blaze King

Blaze King

Blaze King
With Clean Burn Technology

Introducting the only stove on the market that burns cleaner than a gas stove! Blaze King Stoves provide optimum heating efficiency from solid wood fuel. When wood is initially burned in the firebox, as much as one-third of the woods energy is released as gases and liquid/vapor materials. Blaze King catalytic combustors capture these gases and materials and “burns” them instead of allowing this valuable energy source to escape up the chimney. This second burn capability means greater heat output, cleaner emissions from the wood consumed and a cleaner chimney! Your overall consumption of wood is reduced while heat output is increased.

Learn more about the Chinook-CBT on the Blaze King Website.

Blaze King

About Blaze King:

The only catalytic wood burning stoves that I allow in the shop are the Blaze King "Princess" and the Blaze King "King."  In talking to the folks at Blaze King Industries they never made a "Queen" model. I wonder how the Princess came along? I suspect a long time cover up in this story. A Princess or a King would be this fat man's choice as a main heat source because of its extremely long burn and heat temperature control. I hate the cold!

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