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Why buy a Blaze King?

Posted 07/25/2014
  • 33% less wood used
  • 274 less trips refueling the stove during a 7 month season.
  • Extremely long burn time
  • More even heating through the burn cycle.
  • Maintains very high efficiency throughout the whole burn and not for a few      
    minutes as marketed by all other stove companies.

EXERCISE: 7 months x 4 weeks x 7 days x .6 (the times a Blaze King needs to be refueled during a 24 hour period).
ANSWER: 118 trips to the stove

ALL other 12 hour burning stoves with the same exercise above:
7 months x 4 weeks x 7 days x 2 (the times a 12 hour stove need to be refueled during a 24 hour period).
ANSWER: 392 trips to the stove

NOW pay your “BACKSIDE” $2.00 for every time you have to bend over to refuel!!!

BLAZE KING $236.00 per/season 
In 10 years that would be $2360.00

ALL other 12 hour burning stoves $784.00 per season
In 10 years that would be $7840.00

In fact most stoves only get an 8 hour burn so the real numbers are as follows:
7 months x 4 weeks x 7 days x 3 (the times a normal 8 hour burning stove needs to be refueled during a 24 hour period.

ANSWER: 588 trips to the stove

With backside payment of $2.00 per trip that’s $1176.00 per season.
In 10 years that’s $11,760.00

How much does a Blaze King really cost????

Thank you
Dan “The Fireplace Man”

Customer walks into the store….

We don’t pounce on them but give them a chance to make a full visual of the store and its contents and they usually migrate to a point of interest. 

We give them a moment and wait for them to look up from the product that they are eyeballing then we hit them up with the question.  “Do you folks have any answers?”

This makes some think, but it’s a real question! Read more...(PDF)

EPA Hang Tags on Wood Stoves

What are the real numbers?

Question: A customer walks into your showroom floor and looks at the MANDATORY Hang Tags affixed to the stove by the manufacturer. They notice that the EPA Hang Tag says the efficiency is 72% but the manufacturer claims 82.5%. The customer turns to you and says, “What gives? What are the real numbers?”

Answer: Factually the EPA does NOT test wood stove efficiency! The numbers printed on the EPA Hang Tag are nothing more than default numbers, established more than 20 years ago. Manufacturers test for efficiencies and print or publish the numbers in brochures, manuals and sometimes their own Hang Tags.

Simply explain to your customer the numbers are default numbers and that all non catalytic wood stoves share the same default numbers and all catalytic wood stoves share the same default numbers, regardless of manufacturer. Watch out for claims of “as high as” or “up to”, which are usually peak numbers obtained during testing and can only reach that number for seconds or minutes.

Tired of the stove salesman…..try something new!

Alaska Fireplace and accessories - woodstoves
Like getting some realistic information for a change. You are holding all the answers we just need to ask the right questions!

This chart is the true story on wood burning stoves. What you see represented can be used to sell “for or against” different types of stoves available on the market.

Have been using this chart for years and sometimes we feel like a first grade teacher saying the same things over and over again.

BUT it sure help in the customer’s education on making a woodstove purchase.

Our goal is to get the information out of you to find out what you actually need in a wood burning appliance.

... Continue Reading


Uncle Henry's

Yup, comin’ from Maine, it’s no wonder I have some olde school tendencies that come with the turf.
Don’t know if ya’ botha’ to watch TV the reality show “DownEast Dickering”, where there is a weekly trading magazine
called “UNCLE HENRY’S”.
Uncle Henry’s is a weekly publication that is sort of like a booklet garage sale that has a lot of items being sold, bartered, traded etc..
Their main office was located just 600 yards from where I used to live in Augusta, Maine so getting the magazine was easy.
They did not release it though till all the local stores had their deliveries.  Got the dibbs’ on em’ though cause there was a line waiting for the Augusta
office to open as the local stores did not have the booklets out on the shelves out jest’ yet.
Mighty fine deals if ya’ know how to dicker.
Anyways, it’s still in my blood as when moving up here I gave the idea of an “Uncle Henry’s” type of publication to a friend of mine but they could not make it work out.
If someone were to grab the idea I’m sure that it would catch on!  Uncle Henry’s is well aware of someone in Alaska trying to replicate their doings and I have to say I’m part guilty of the idea.
Would someone jest’ start somethin’ so I can get back to normal?
Been asked over the years for many an odd request for a stove trade.  Made some, refused some and gave some away.
Oh well have a great day!

Chuck Norris would own a Blaze King!
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Wake UP ! Gas @ $12.00 ???

Don't wait for an event to happen. Think ahead. Last common sense call to all. Get a non-powered wood heating backup NOW. I predict that we will sell all the stoves in stock this year. Get one that will do the job and give you the burn time you want. Don;t get lost in efficiency sales pitches. Blaze king actually beats the 40 hour burn time it advertises. Some folks have reported 63 hours on a low burn setting!!

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