Among all of the features we seek in our heating appliances, none ranks more important to us than safety, quality, efficiency, and performance. At Alaska Fireplace and Accessories all of the products we carry are top-quality, brand-name appliances and accessories recognized for their excellence.

Wood Stoves

Dan KNOWS wood stoves! He's your best bet for keeping warm with a wood stove through our long, cold, Alaskan winters. Choose a brand to learn more.


The first part to choosing a great fireplace is choosing the right brand. We've spent years installing, servicing, and using fireplaces. Here are the brands we've come to trust. Choose a brand to learn more.

Grills, Smokers - Additional Items & Accessories

Alaska Fireplace and Accessories® carries fireplace tool sets in many, many styles and colors. We have fireplace screens, metalbestos pipe, fireplace mortar, energy vent pipe, log cribs, chimney brushes, roof crickets, replacement stove bricks, and gasket rope. We also have kettle steamers, stove paints, furnace cement, and specially formulated glass cleaners for removing creosote deposits and soot. We are a specialty shop devoted to providing the products of your interest.

"We bought two oil stoves from Dan and will buy a third this fall. We love the heat and they are real economical to operate." —Larry Koemenian Meadow Lakes, Alaska

Blaze King