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An exceptional fire, custom elegance and controllable heat are just a few reasons to make Regency a part of your family.

The Regency line includes so many options of fireplaces, stoves and inserts, these are just a sample of what Dan has to offer and there are more models & styles coming this year! Call Dan, he can help you pick the right fireplace for your space!

Regency P33S gas fireplace
This is a wall mounted beauty!  Comes in many colors.  Can be used in the bedroom, home or business office, kitchen or any room where you can use a visual flame to lighten up a room and provide efficient heat!  Have one installed where there is WOW factor when folks come into the room.  The gentle flame gives a calming effect.  When one sees fire they are instantly warm and your blood pressure and stress level goes down.

Regency P131 gas Fireplace
This fireplace can come in several different combinations. Seen here is a 3 sided fireplace. A 2 sided fireplace is available along with options for a right corner or left corner application. These are all heater rated and can be relied upon as a heat source. If your checking out a fireplace that can actually afford you some heat this Regency Fireplace should be on the top of the list on efficiency! After all if your going to spend your hard earned money on the gas company you might want to get as much heat out of it a possible! I like selling WARMTH!!! Check out the Regency web site for more details!

Regency I1200 Wood Insert
This is our most popular insert for a couple of reasons.
Reason #1 It FITS MOST FIREPLACES! Many wood burning fireplaces installed in the homes today in Alaska were put in by contractors and many choose to put in a smaller inefficient system that now leaves many wondering why??? This is one answer for an upgrade to actually have some heat recovery from your existing wood burning fireplace experience
Reason #2 Cost effective!!!! Like I said this is the most favorite no nonsense insert available today!!!!!! . We keep these in stock and folks are very happy with them. They work!

Regency F1100 Wood Stove
Looking for a small high quality wood stove for a small cabin? Can’t beat this one! The F1100 is the smallest of the series of their steel wood burning stoves. Come into any one of our 3 locations and learn more. We have these F1100’s on all our shop floors and they are just a nice perky little fella’!

Regency H200 Cast Iron Wood Stove
This is a very beautiful Cast Iron stove that is sure to please. My favorite Cast Iron style stove on the market. Sounds like a great sales pitch doesn’t it!!! Come on in and put your mitts on one of these babe’s!! Has a side loading door that makes it just great to load wood! One can also load from the front if they so desire. The latch work mechanisms are the best in the industry!

Visit the Regency Website for more information

Hampton-Regency P33 Gas Fireplace
The front of this gas fireplace is a treasure of its own!
I like installing fireplaces higher off the ground than most folks cause I can’t seem to bend over to look at the fire like I used too. If I can see fire eye to eye then I’m a happy camper. There is a smaller version of this fireplace called the P33.

For some strange reason my inventory was off by 1 unit and I found it installed in my crew’s ICE SHACK! They did the math and found that is was much cheaper for them on L/P fuel to have a Regency P33 Gas Fireplace in their ICE SHACK than some of the other heaters currently being sold! Now that inventory is fixed I can boast that my crew has the very first L/P Gas Fireplace in an ICE SHACK in ALASKA! Maybe in the USA~!!! Hopefull we can start a trend and keep this going!

In the first week of February 2010 the ICE SHACK found itself in remote Lake Louise outside of Glenallen, Alaska. Temps were in the –15’s or much less and 13 folks huddled into the ICE SHACK to stay warm, sort of like fitting a Fraternity in a Phone Booth! Had a lot of fun, nobody froze too badly and we got a lot of OOHH’s and AAHH”s from the P33 Fireplace!

Visit the Hampton Website for more information